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Welcome to Salvatore BKLYN

The freshest hand-made premium ricotta

Welcome to Salvatore BKLYN

The freshest hand-made premium ricotta

Fresh Hand-made Premium ricotta

Our ricotta


At Salvatore BKLYN we hand-make the freshest premium ricotta from four perfect ingredients:  cream, milk, lemon juice and salt.  Daily, we transform Hudson Valley Fresh milk  into a thick, delicious ricotta that is great by itself or as part of your favorite recipes.  At Salvatore BKLYN, we take pride in every batch of our  handmade ricotta; made fresh each morning and in stores and restaurants the very next day.  Salvatore BKLYN’s ricotta is a thick luxurious fresh cheese that delicious all by itself or with a drizzle of honey, oil olive to name just a few.  We also produce a smoked ricotta using the finest of Japanese cherry wood.  

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What is ricotta cheese?


The history of ricotta cheese dates back to the 1300’s AD.  It was originally made from the whey, which is left over from making other cheeses.  The whey is heated and acid is added to form the curd, hence the name ricotta or ‘re-heated’.  Some ricotta is made using cultures that produce the acid, while others are made by the direct addition of acid using vinegar or lemon juice (our secret ingredient).  A lot of what you find in the store is made from whey, a by-product of cheese making.  At Salvatore BKLYN, we take a different approach using fresh whole milk and cream. The result is a hand-made premium ricotta that is thicker and more luxurious than most.  

Yes, there really is a Salvatore


On a summer lark in Tuscany, we met Salvatore Farina at his tiny San Gimignano enoteca “Gustavo.” Over a legendary meal, he offered us “ricotta, bread, olive oil” and thus began the storied friendship that became Salvatore Bklyn. Salvatore educated us in the way of ricotta, and when we could find no rival stateside, we decided to make our own.  Today you can enjoy this hand-made  premium ricotta at home or at some of the finest restaurants in New York.  We make our ricotta in Red Hook, Brooklyn and while the milk comes from upstate New York, Salvatore BKLYN reflects the culture and the values of our neighborhood and our urban roots.

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Great food starts with our ricotta

Cheese plate


Not just a cheese plate but a beautiful cheese plate at Casellula adorned with our smoked ricotta.  A wonderful cheese and wine cafe.  

Ricotta ravioli


Chef Jason Hua at the Dutch has created a delicious pasta dish surrounding our plain ricotta with mouth watering peas, pistachio and bacon.

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Duck Prosciutto with ricotta


At L'Amico, Chef Julio uses our smoked ricotta for his duck prosciutto on a crostini with a cranberry mostarda.  WINTER menu.  Get there now before the daffodils pop up.

Ricotta ice cream


At Print, our ricotta is transformed by Chef Amy Hess  into a simply amazing dish pavlova with Salvatore BKLYN ricotta ice cream, lemon curd, macerated strawberries and micro Basil 

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Watermelon and smoked ricotta


Colonie a member of the Salvatore BKLYN family Chef Jared offers watermelon with shisitos, pepitas, oregano, smoked ricotta and brown butter.  This delicious dish shows the versatility of our plain ricotta.

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Ricotta ravioli


Our ricotta stuffed inside of ravioli and surrounded by sweet corn, sunflower seeds.  All happening at Restaurant Marc Forgione.

The ricotta chronicles

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Chef's recipes

Secrets from the kitchens of some of the best restaurants and other places where chefs transform Salvatore BKLYN ricotta into some amazing dishes.  Enjoy them at these fine restaurants or try it at home!

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