Our products


Plain ricotta

We call it 'plain' you can call it delicious.  The plain ricotta is just milk, cream, salt and lemon juice. The curds are scooped up and held overnight in the refrigerator.  The next morning our hand-made premium ricotta is packed up and shipped out to stores, restaurants and Fresh Direct.  


Smoked ricotta

We think this is the only smoked ricotta you can find and we know this is the best smoked ricotta that you can buy.  We start off with our plain ricotta and smoke it over Japanese cherrywood just long enough for it to pick up a unique flavor.  One spoonful and you will be convinced.  Great alone or in pasta and savory dishes.


Cream cheese

Coming soon.  We are launching a premium cream cheese made with the same love and attention as our ricotta.  There are a lot of cream cheeses out there and almost everyone is a processed, stabilized blob of stuff.  Our cream cheese, like our ricotta is simply milk, cream, salt and a culture to make acid.