The Salvatore BKLYN story

Hand-made premium ricotta from Red Hook

Think Brooklyn and lots of things come to your mind.  The last thing might be a dairy plant, and, even stranger, one that makes hand-made premium ricotta cheese.  Maybe it should come as no surprise, Brooklyn is a hot bed of food, foodies and entrepreneurs like us!  Artisan food producers making a great product in a great city---close to our great customers.

Our ricotta cheese comes in two flavors, plain and smoked.  Plain is a misleading name for this premium ricotta, it is plain only in that the flavor is pure, a smooth, thick dairy taste with a hint of lemon.  The lemon is what we use to make the curds along with a bit of heat.

Salvatore BKLYN grew out of a trip the founders made to Italy.  It was an adventure into the cuisine and the culture of Tuscany and the 'recipe' has evolved but still can trace its roots back there.  Salvatore BKLYN was born out of a passion for good simple Italian-inspired food as well as a desire to create a connection between Brooklyn and the Hudson Valley where the founder grew up.  The cows? They are still in the Hudson Valley and we are proud to use milk out of Hudson Valley Fresh.  A dairy farmer cooperative, so we know the people and the cows.

Today, in the heart of Red Hook, we produce small batches of hand-made ricotta that is held overnight and then shipped out the next morning.  Everything is made to order.  Some of our product is sold directly to you our great, loyal customers, while some of it winds up in the hands of the most talented chefs in New York and the surrounding area.  Places like Print, The Dutch and some of our new friends, The Wayfarer and Boqueria

Enjoy our ricotta and come back for more, we will make it fresh for you every day.

Each batch of ricotta is hung overnight in cheese cloth to create a thick luxurious product
Each batch of ricotta is hung overnight in cheese cloth to create a thick luxurious product